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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Hazelwood MOWhen you hit the dental aisle at your favorite grocery store or pharmacy, you may be struck by all the different products that promise “professional” whitening results. From toothpaste to rinses to gels to strips, each product is accompanied by an image of gleaming white teeth.

The truth is that if you want to whiten your teeth, the safest, most reliable results won’t come from the drugstore. Our office can provide you with whitening products that are customized to fit your teeth and are available in a range of strengths so that you can get exactly the results you are looking for.

Both in-office and professional take-home kits contain a higher concentration of whitening ingredient than you can find in an over-the-counter kit, which means that you will get better results in a much shorter period of time. The customized trays prevent spillover, which reduces your risk of irritation to gum tissue. Plus, many professional products also include a desensitizing ingredient so that even people with sensitive teeth can comfortably achieve a whiter smile.

If You're Interested In Whitening, Call Your Dentist

Call today for your consultation. We are happy to recommend a product to give you the brighter, more beautiful smile you are seeking, whether you’d like to whiten quickly in our office or in the privacy of your own home.

teeth whitening kit | Teeth Whitening Hazelwood MOWhen you choose a professional teeth whitening treatment, you want your results to last for a while. Fortunately, teeth whitening can last quite a long time – from months to even as long as years. A lot of it depends on what kind of whitening treatment you use and how you care for your teeth afterward.

After your whitening treatment is complete, we’ll discuss ways to increase the amount of time that your teeth stay bright and white. It’s helpful to be aware of the staining foods and drinks that we consume and keep them to a limit. This includes coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and dark fruit juices along with foods like curry and chocolate. When you choose to enjoy these, rinse well afterward and brush your teeth as soon as you can. Smoking, of course, will stain your teeth quickly, and we strongly discourage it – for many reasons!

Your Routine Is Important

Keeping up with a good home-care routine will help keep your teeth beautiful, and your dental hygienist will be happy to provide tips for the best technique and products.

We are also happy to discuss maintenance, which can help you keep your results for a lifetime.

Call Hazelwood dentist Dr. Burgdorf today for a teeth whitening consultation!

Teeth Whitening Hazelwood MOWe are proud to offer our patients different options for whitening their teeth, allowing for even more customization. We know that when you can fit your treatment into your schedule and lifestyle, your chances of sticking with it are increased and you are likely to have better results.

Your Hazelwood MO Teeth Whitening Options

For our patients who would like to see immediate results or who have a special event coming up, we offer in-office whitening using Zoom, which can give results in as little as an hour.

If you’d like results quickly but prefer to whiten your teeth on your own schedule in the comfort and privacy of your home, we also offer custom whitening trays with Opalescence gel, which you wear at home for twenty to forty minutes each day for around two weeks until the desired shade is achieved. You can also use this system to touch up your whitening every month or so afterward.

If your budget is tight, but you’d still like to see professional results, or if you just don’t want to deal with gels and trays, we offer the TresWhite product, a much-improved version of over-the-counter Crest White Strips.

Call our Hazelwood dental office today to discuss teeth whitening with Dr. Burgdorf and find out which one of these options will be right for you.

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