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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Crowns and Bridges

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We believe deeply in the power of information and education. Not only do we take the time to discuss every procedure with our patients and teach you about your dental health, but we are also dedicated to constantly increasing our own knowledge through continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest techniques and improvements in the dental field. This allows us to consistently provide you with the exceptional dental services and procedures that you deserve.

Your questions are always welcome; don’t ever hesitate to ask us anything about your care, our practice, or dentistry in general! We’ve collected some of the most common questions we are asked, and you can check to see if your question is answered here.

If your question is not addressed here or if you’d like more information, just give us a call at (314) 291-9000, or send us an email using our convenient online form and someone will quickly get back to you.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Man smiling in treatment chair for dental bridges near St Charles MODental bridges don’t require any additional care other than your usual brushing and flossing routine (along with regular visits to our office, of course!). This is one of the benefits that a bridge has over a partial denture, which requires care using special products and occasional adjustments. Your bridge may eventually need an adjustment but it should last for several years with good care. 

Dental Bridges in Bridgeton, MO Are Just Like Natural Teeth

While bridges are made of synthetic materials and can’t decay the way that natural teeth can, you still need to practice good hygiene habits. A bridge can still build up plaque, and if plaque is allowed to harden into tartar along the gum line, you will increase your risk for periodontal disease. Additionally, plaque and tartar build-up between your bridge and your natural teeth can lead to decay.

Bridges are designed to be durable, but they aren’t impervious to damage. Biting down on hard objects such as ice, pens, pencils, or fingernails could cause your bridge to crack or become dislodged. Be especially careful when eating foods that could contain a pit such as cherries and olives. If your bridge does become damaged, please call our office right away so that we can repair your dentistry.

Contact Our Bridgeton Dentist Office Today 

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Burgdorf! If you have any questions about services and procedures, feel free to call our office at (314) 291-0590. 

Dental crowns are used to support and protect teeth that are damaged by trauma or decay or structurally weakened because of infection or extensive fillings (which is sometimes the case following root canal therapy). The goal of placing a crown on your damaged tooth is to restore it to full function so that you can chew, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence.

We don’t believe that any dental treatment in Bridgeton should hurt. End of story.

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Bridgeton, MO

63044 dentist using a light to examine patient for dental crownsThe process of getting a crown does involve some shaping of the tooth to make sure that the crown will fit correctly without altering your bite or putting pressure on your other teeth. Dr. Burgdorf takes care to make sure that you are thoroughly numb and comfortable before beginning this procedure. If at any time during the procedure you become uncomfortable, raise your hand, and Dr. Burgdorf will immediately stop and help you get comfortable again.

Your tooth will be placed with a temporary crown while we wait for your permanent crown to come back from the lab. We’ll provide you with options to make sure that you are comfortable during this time, even after the anesthetic wears off.

Get Started with Crowns at Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS Today!

Once your crown is complete and you return to our dentist office, we’ll carefully remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent crown. You are unlikely to need any anesthetic for this process.

Call our Bridgeton, MO dental office today at (314) 291-9000 to learn more and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Burgdorf.

Close up of tool holding up a dental crown in Bridgeton MOCrowns and other dental restorations are designed to be durable, but just like your own teeth, they can become worn down and stained over time. Additionally, if they are suddenly exposed to force that they aren’t meant to handle (such as biting down on an unexpected olive pit), they can crack or break.

Worn Out Dental Crowns

If your crowns are worn down or damaged, give us a call so that we can plan replacements. We may need to remove the crown and provide you with a new temporary crown until your new permanent crowns are complete.

A broken crown is a dental emergency. Often, broken restorations cause pain, and we never want our patients to be in pain!

If you’ve had your crowns for several years, you may be troubled by their aesthetics. Older materials used to create crowns were not as natural-looking and lifelike as today’s modern crowns. Metal crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal may be a giveaway that you’ve had dental work done, and we completely understand that you want your smile to look its best.

Contact Our Dentist Office Near St. Charles, MO 

Dr. Burgdorf is happy to examine your dentistry and provide a recommendation as to whether your crowns should be replaced. Give our Bridgeton dental office a call to schedule your evaluation.

Graphic of procedure for dental crowns in Bridgeton MOA dental crown, sometimes known as a “cap,” is a special type of restoration that is designed to fit over, protect, and support a damaged tooth. Today’s crowns are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and can be shaded and designed to look virtually identical to a natural tooth. Once a crown has been placed, in fact, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be able to tell your capped tooth apart from your other teeth. A dental crown, sometimes known as a “cap,” is a special type of restoration that is designed to fit over, protect, and support a damaged tooth. Today’s crowns are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and can be shaded and designed to look virtually identical to a natural tooth. Once a crown has been placed, in fact, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be able to tell your capped tooth apart from your other teeth.

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Bridgeton, MO

Our office prefers to practice conservative, non-invasive dentistry whenever possible. Often, preserving your natural tooth is preferable to removing it and replacing it (although sometimes extraction is an appropriate solution). We will always discuss all your options with you so that you understand our recommendations. Capping or crowning a tooth does require shaping of the natural tooth structure in order to allow the crown to fit properly and not create pressure on your other teeth, but it is still a less invasive procedure than an extraction.

Once a crown has been placed, it can be cared for just like a natural tooth. Although the crown cannot decay, the tooth beneath it may without proper dental care. Crowns also do not protect against periodontal disease so good home care is a must.

Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Bridgeton dentist Dr. Kevin Burgdorf


Diagram of a tooth with a dental crown near Maryland Heights MOCrowns can be used in a number of situations. Dr. Burgdorf may recommend a crown if your tooth is damaged by advanced decay or has broken because of an injury. Sometimes, crowns are used as part of an aesthetic smile makeover because of their ability to completely transform a discolored or misshapen tooth that is detracting from the appearance of your smile.

Dental Crowns at our Bridgeton, MO Dentist Office

Before you are fitted for a crown, Dr. Burgdorf will discuss his recommendation with you and the reasons why he feels that a crown is the most appropriate solution in your case. We prefer to use the least invasive option whenever possible, particularly when it allows us to save your natural tooth, and a crown can allow us to do just that, saving you the expense of replacing a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Of course, the final decision always rests in your hands. At our Bridgeton dental office, you are in charge of your healthcare. We offer beautiful porcelain crowns that look completely lifelike, which may help to make your decision easier!

If you are troubled by a damaged or unsightly tooth and want to fix your smile and restore the functionality of your tooth, call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kevin Burgdorf.

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