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Why should I whiten my teeth?

man smiling | Teeth Whitening Hazelwood MOWhitening your teeth – or any dentistry procedure or treatment – is always your decision, and we won’t tell you that you “should” or that you “have to” whiten your teeth.

That said, people choose to whiten their teeth for a number of reasons.

We are social creatures, and the perceptions of us by other people are important. We like to look our best, and that includes when we smile.

Yellow or discolored teeth can make a statement about us that can be unfair and even untrue. Regardless of the reason behind the discoloration, others may assume that a person with yellowing teeth has poor dental hygiene or simply doesn’t care about their appearance. Even if you don’t particularly care what other people think, you may be reliant on their impression of you if you are meeting someone for the first time, hoping for a promotion, or going in for a job interview.

Why We See People Getting Their Teeth Whitened

Many people visit our office for teeth whitening because they have a special event coming up, often one that includes photos, and they want to look their very best. Weddings, class reunions, and the aforementioned job interview are common reasons for desiring whiter teeth.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a brighter smile, we’re happy to help. Call our Hazelwood dental office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Burgdorf.

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