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How is root canal therapy performed?

Root canal therapy can save a tooth from extraction or replacement. Though many patients fear root canal therapy, it is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure designed to eliminate pain and protect the tooth.

Our dental office in Bridgeton strives to provide a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere while providing pain-free and effective treatment. When you come to our dental office to receive a root canal––and any other treatment––you can always expect kindness, respect, and gentle, caring professionals to ease your worries. 

Root Canal Therapy Isn’t Anything to Fear

Understanding the process of a root canal can help eliminate some of the stress and worry you may feel when you are told that you need this type of dental therapy. It may also help to know that this procedure isn’t nearly as bad as its reputation may lead you to believe and that most people who have experienced a root canal describe it as similar to getting a routine filling.

We practice gentle, pain-free root canals at Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS. To create a more pleasant experience, we offer comforting amenities and anesthetics to numb pain and discomfort during your treatment. 

How Is a Root Canal Done?

Dr. Burgdorf will begin your root canal therapy in Bridgeton, MO, by applying an anesthetic to ensure you are completely comfortable and don’t feel anything during the treatment. Once you are numb, he will use specialized instruments to access the interior of your tooth, where the infection is located.

Next, he will gently clean and sanitize the tooth’s interior to ensure there are no traces of disease or decay. Once he removes all the infected debris, Dr. Burgdorf may determine that an antibiotic is needed to prevent reinfection.

He will then fit the tooth for a precise and comfortable dental crown, fill the tooth to re-establish its structure and strength, and place a temporary crown if needed. When your final crown is ready, and back from the dental lab, Dr. Burgdorf will place the crown and ensure the size, shape, and color are to your utmost satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure your crown looks and functions just like a natural tooth so it can last many years. If you're ready to enjoy your smile again, we can help you!

Call Us About Root Canals in Bridgeton, MO

Sometimes a crown is needed following root canal therapy, and if this is true for you, Dr. Burgdorf will discuss this with you and make plans for prepping and crafting your permanent crown at our Bridgeton dental office. For more information, call our dental office today at (314) 291-9000!

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