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Should I replace my old crowns?

Dental Crowns Bridgeton MOCrowns and other dental restorations are designed to be durable, but just like your own teeth, they can become worn down and stained over time. Additionally, if they are suddenly exposed to force that they aren’t meant to handle (such as biting down on an unexpected olive pit), they can crack or break.

Worn Down Crowns

If your crowns are worn down or damaged, give us a call so that we can plan replacements. We may need to remove the crown and provide you with a new temporary crown until your new permanent crowns are complete.

A broken crown is a dental emergency. Often, broken restorations cause pain, and we never want our patients to be in pain!

If you’ve had your crowns for several years, you may be troubled by their aesthetics. Older materials used to create crowns were not as natural-looking and lifelike as today’s modern crowns. Metal crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal may be a giveaway that you’ve had dental work done, and we completely understand that you want your smile to look its best.

Talk To Your Dentist

Dr. Burgdorf is happy to examine your dentistry and provide a recommendation as to whether your crowns should be replaced. Give our Bridgeton dental office a call to schedule your evaluation.

Patient Testimonial:"Dr. Kevin is excellent."

He and his staff with treat you with the greatest of care ! I can assure anyone that his professionalism is the very best .
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