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Does it hurt to get a crown?

 dental hygienist with light | Dental Crowns Bridgeton MOCrowns are used to support and protect teeth that are damaged by trauma or decay or structurally weakened because of infection or extensive fillings (which is sometimes the case following root canal therapy). The goal of placing a crown on your damaged tooth is to restore it to full function so that you can chew, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence.

We don’t believe that any dental treatment should hurt. End of story.

Process of Dental Crowns

The process of getting a crown does involve some shaping of the tooth to make sure that the crown will fit correctly without altering your bite or putting pressure on your other teeth. Dr. Burgdorf takes care to make sure that you are thoroughly numb and comfortable before beginning this procedure. If at any time during the procedure you become uncomfortable, raise your hand, and Dr. Burgdorf will immediately stop and help you get comfortable again.

Your tooth will be placed with a temporary crown while we wait for your permanent crown to come back from the lab. We’ll provide you with options to make sure that you are comfortable during this time, even after your anesthetic wears off.

Once your crown is complete and you return to our office, we’ll carefully remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent crown. You are unlikely to need any anesthetic for this process.

Call our office today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Burgdorf.

Patient Testimonial:"Dr. Kevin is excellent."

He and his staff with treat you with the greatest of care ! I can assure anyone that his professionalism is the very best .
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