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Test Your Dental Crown Knowledge!

July 9, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
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Most people have heard of dental crowns. Many have a pretty good idea of what they are used for. However, a good number of people aren’t sure what they look like or how they are placed.

This is your chance to test your own knowledge about dental crowns and maybe learn something that you didn’t know before!

What is a dental crown

  1. A tooth-shaped shell that fits over your tooth to protect and support it and return it to functionality.
  2. A thin shell that is placed over the front of your tooth.
  3. Tooth-colored resin that is applied to the tooth and then molded into the appropriate shape.
  4. An accessory for a king or a queen.

Answer: A

A crown is used in a number of situations to repair, support, and protect your tooth. The answer B actually refers to dental veneers, and C refers to dental bonding. These are both cosmetic procedures and may be used in conjunction with crowns during a full smile restoration.

What are dental crowns made of

  1. Porcelain and zirconia
  2. Metals, like gold
  3. Ceramics fused to metal
  4. All of the above

Answer: D

All of these materials can be used to craft crowns. At our office, we prefer to use porcelain and zirconia for crowns because these materials look so incredibly lifelike. Once these crowns have been placed, you’ll never be able to tell them from natural teeth!

When are crowns used

  1. To fix a tooth that has become broken or damaged by trauma or decay
  2. To restore a tooth has been weakened by root canal therapy
  3. To improve the appearance of a poorly shaped or severely discolored tooth
  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Crowns are highly versatile and can be used in a number of situations. Not only do they protect and support damaged teeth, they can also be used to create beautiful aesthetic transformations in cosmetic dentistry.

How is a crown placed

  1. Dr. Burgdorf keeps spare crowns in a drawer and just places it right on top of the problem tooth.
  2. The tooth that is being crowned is carefully shaped, and then an impression is made, which is sent to a trusted dental lab. When the crown returns from the lab, we’ll call you back to our office and Dr. Burgdorf will bond the crown to the tooth.
  3. The tooth is extracted, and the crown is stuck in the socket.
  4. On your head, of course!

Answer: B

Every crown is custom made to match the shape and shade of your other teeth. We do need to shape your tooth prior to placement because this is what allows the crown to fit properly and sit correctly among your other teeth. While the process for C is not correct, crowns are often placed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth.

True or False – Dr. Burgdorf is happy to consult patients whether they need a crown or not

Answer: True!

If you have a tooth that is chipped or broken, poorly shaped, or severely discolored, give us a call to schedule your appointment at our Bridgeton dental office.

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