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Why You Shouldn't Put Off Your Root Canal

November 28, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
root canal therapy bridgeton

Root canals have suffered from a bad reputation in the dental world for years. This is most likely because they are associated with pain. The reason you experience pain when your tooth needs root canal therapy is usually because your tooth is infected. Here are the important facts to know about root canal therapy in Bridgeton.

When Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

When your tooth has sustained a fracture, trauma, or decay has reached the root of your tooth, it can cause severe discomfort. When decay gets to your nerve, it causes an infection, which is the source of your pain.

Root canal therapy removes the infected tissue from within your tooth and allows your dentist to preserve your natural tooth structure.

Don't Delay Your Root Canal

It is essential to understand that a dental infection doesn't go away without treatment. So, if you are experiencing a constant toothache or other dental pain, it is important to contact your dentist right away for treatment. A dental infection that is left untreated will continue to get worse. It could affect neighboring teeth and even travel to critical areas of your body such as your brain.

If an infected tooth can't be treated with root canal therapy, tooth extraction is the next recommendation to protect your oral health. If you are proactive about seeking treatment for your tooth right away, root canal therapy can often help you avoid tooth loss.

Root Canal Therapy Can Be Prevented

Many cases of root canal therapy can actually be avoided with consistent preventive care. When you visit your dentist every six months for your routine cleaning and checkup, your dentist can often detect decay in your tooth early on and treat it with a dental filling. This helps you avoid more invasive procedures such as root canal therapy.

If you have teeth causing you discomfort, or have questions about root canal therapy in Bridgeton, MO contact Dr. Kevin Burgdorf today for more information.

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