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What Restorative Dentistry Can Do For You

December 30, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS Staff
Man smiling near dentist in Bridgeton MO

If you are missing teeth and have a gap in your smile, you might be interested in replacing your teeth. This is where restorative dentistry comes into play.

Restorative dentistry allows your Bridgeton, MO dentist to bring back the shape, feel, and function of your smile. This can be important if your diet, speech, and quality of life are impacted due to tooth loss, tooth decay, disease, injury, or more. 

Restorative Dental Procedures in Bridgeton

The dental office of Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS, has many tricks up its sleeves when it comes to renewing your smile. We offer a wide variety of dental services that can address any number of smile flaws, including:

Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Burgdorf may use a combination of different procedures to design the perfect smile for you.

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can alter your smile in many different ways. Without a tooth root to anchor it, the jaw bone can start to deteriorate. While dentures and dental bridges can fill in gaps in your smile, they rest along the gumline and may need to be refitted as your oral structure changes.

Only dental implants fuse and integrate with your jaw bone and stimulate healthy bone growth. However, this surgical treatment may not appeal to all patients near Maryland Heights. 

Whether you choose a dental bridge, denture, or tooth implants, restoring missing teeth in Bridgeton, MO promotes good oral health and reduces the risk of tooth decay or further tooth loss. 

Contact Our Dental Office Near Maryland Heights Today! 

Our Bridgeton dental team is always available for patients interested in learning more about any of our dental procedures. A gap in your smile can affect many layers of your life, from your diet and nutrition to your self-esteem. The first step to replacing missing teeth is to give our office a call at (314) 291-9000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burgdorf.

Don't hesitate to improve your smile; our restorations are accessible and affordable. We look forward to seeing you and enhancing the quality of your life.

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