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Protect Your Child at School

August 25, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
A group of children plays stands in a room | Mouth Guards Bridgeton MO

Everyone knows of a child who caught a ball in the face instead of with their baseball glove. It happens all the time! Kids play rough; it’s just part of childhood. Sports teach kids the importance of exercise, teamwork, and commitment. They learn skills and develop habits they may possess for their entire lives. That is why we encourage kids to play sports – but to do it safely!

You wouldn’t send your child onto the football field without a helmet and that is how we feel about sports guards. Protecting your child’s teeth can save pain, money, and trauma. Sports guards are a cost-effective and great method of making sure your child’s teeth are not the recipient of the next fly ball or hockey stick to the mouth. Guards can protect the soft tissues of your child’s mouth, as well. 

Benefits of Custom Sports Guards

Custom sports guards offer many benefits over the ones available at the drugstore or sports shops. The over-the-counter sports guards provide less coverage and never fit as well as the ones we create in our office for your child. Our custom sports guards cover your teeth fully, are completely smooth and comfortable, and they stay put. They don’t do any good if they fall out or get knocked out easily!

The process of having a custom sports guard is quick and painless. We take a few simple impressions that take only a few minutes and then we will have your child back for a final fitting to make sure everything is smooth and comfortable. They require only a small investment and can save you time and money (and your child’s pain!).

Sports Guards for Adults

Are you on a team and want to protect your teeth? Parents are important, too! That is why we offer adult sports guards, as well. We know our patients of all ages like to stay active and enjoy life! We will help you protect your teeth while you have fun!

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