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Preventative Oral Care During Candy Season

October 20, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
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Dentists tell us when we’re first learning to care for our teeth that too much candy and sweets can cause dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Every year, Halloween starts a whole season of holidays packed with candy, cookies and other sweet treats that can reek havoc on our dental health if we don’t take the proper precautions. Yet there are many ways to keep your kid’s teeth, as well as your own teeth, healthy during the holiday season.

Good Oral Practices During the Holidays

  1. Know your facts - Though overindulging in candy can lead to cavities, it doesn’t mean you should keep your kids from enjoying the Halloween experience. As long as they brush after consuming sugar it shouldn’t cause any major dental concerns. The worst candies for dental health are hard candies that stay in the mouth over a long period allowing the bacteria and sugar to create a tooth-decaying acid. Gummy and chewy candies that can be eaten quickly won't have time to do much damage.
  2. Balance their sugar intake - Since they are going to be eating more sugary treats during this time than normal, it is best to limit other sugars to help keep a healthier balance. Drinks like soda and juice are packed with sugar and should be limited anyway, but especially when they are going to be consuming candies and other high sugar treats.
  3. Limit the amount they can have each day - Allowing your child to consume a large amount of candy in one sitting can not only give them a stomach ache but can also cause a sugar overload in their mouth. For example, if you give them ten pieces of candy a day, don’t give it to them all at once, but stagger them throughout the day and have them drink lots of water.

Enjoying the Holidays in Bridgeton MO

There’s no reason we can’t have our candy and eat it too this Halloween, as long as you keep up good oral habits during the holiday season. This includes keeping up their dental visits. If you live in the Bridgeton, MO area and would like more information on keeping your child’s teeth healthy through the holidays please give Dr. Kevin Burgdorf a call today!

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