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Give Your Smile a Tune Up

October 31, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
A woman points to her smile | Cosmetic Dentistry Bridgeton MO

While we focus on health first at our Bridgeton, MO dental office, we completely understand that our patients want to look good, too. We don’t blame you. After all, your smile is your calling card and how it looks can leave a big impression on people.

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry does not have to be expensive or difficult? In fact, many of our cosmetic treatments are affordable and we can complete them in one visit. One of the most useful and non-invasive ways to improve your smile is with cosmetic dental bonding. Dental bonding allows us to repair small flaws or damage to your smile using tooth-colored composite filling material. 

Gaps between Teeth

In many cultures across the world and during the Middle Ages, people with gapped teeth were considered extremely attractive. Times change and you may not feel like the gaps between your teeth add to your overall appearance in a positive way. If you feel self-conscious about gaps, we can help! Dental bonding can help us to close the gap between your teeth, giving your smile a more even appearance. 

Chipped or Misshapen Teeth

If you have small chips in your teeth, they can collect bacteria that cause decay or collect stains from the foods and beverages you eat. We can make small repairs to your smile with cosmetic dental bonding that protects your teeth and improves your appearance.

If you have a rogue tooth that looks different than the rest or is too small, we can add to it with composite, making it look more like your other teeth. 

Benefits of Bonding 

Because dental bonding preserves your natural tooth structure, we do not need to significantly prep your tooth. That means that we can add to your existing tooth structure, providing a non-invasive, more affordable solution than other cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Bridgeton, MO

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