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tooth colored fillings | hazelwood mo

What to Expect with Tooth-Colored Fillings

February 5, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
tooth colored fillings | hazelwood mo

You’re probably familiar with silver tooth fillings, but today’s preferred material is tooth-colored (composite) fillings. Not only are tooth-colored fillings more aesthetically pleasing, but they’re more durable and less likely to fall out. If your dentist recommends tooth-colored (composite) fillings in Hazelwood, MO, you know you’ll have long-lasting, natural-looking fillings.

Getting Started with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentists find out if you need a tooth filling with a dental exam and x-rays of your teeth. You can get a tooth-colored filling due to tooth decay or to protect a fractured tooth. If your dentist determines that you need a tooth-colored filling, you’ll come into the dental office for a procedure that lasts about an hour, depending on how many teeth you need filled.

The first step is to numb the gum and tooth area with both a topical gel and by injecting anesthesia into the tissue. You won’t feel anything during the procedure, but you may be a little sore when the anesthesia wears off. You’ll want to avoid eating anything hard on the tooth for a few days. You should also avoid consuming staining foods and drinks like dark berries, coffee, and red wine for the first few days, as well as tobacco.

Removing Decay and Preparing the Tooth

If the tooth has decay, your dentist will remove that part of the tooth. Next, your dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth to remove any remaining bacteria.

Since the tooth-colored filling composite needs to be securely bonded to your tooth, the dentist will shape the inner tooth area to prepare the space. Very little of your tooth structure will be removed.

Placing the Tooth-Colored Filling

Your dentist mixes the composite material in the tooth cavity, where it will harden. Once the filling is complete, your dentist will check your bite to make sure the tooth-colored filling is not too high. If it is, that part of the filling will be reshaped.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Burgdorf. We take pride in providing high-quality tooth-colored (composite) fillings in Bridgeton near Hazelwood, MO.

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