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Dentistry as Art

December 30, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
cosmetic dentist hazelwood mo

You might think of dentistry in much the same way that you think of your doctor – just another thing you have to do occasionally to stay healthy. Dentistry is unique, however, because each procedure takes into account not only health and function, but also aesthetics. In fact, even the smallest procedures such as fillings have an artistic element to their success.

Fixing smiles while maintaining their beauty

At Dr. Burgdorf’s office, we want to maintain or improve the appearance of your smile. That is why we offer tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, and realistic dentures. When we perform a dental procedure, we consider several components:

  • Function – We want to make sure that you get the greatest function from your treatment. Can you eat and speak properly? Does your dentistry make it easier for you to speak without a lisp or slurring your words? When you bite down, do all of your teeth come together correctly? By having proper function, we can avoid other oral conditions in the future.
  • Comfort – Even if your crown or filling is off by a fraction of a millimeter, it could cause you some serious problems. When your crown or filling does not fit your bite properly, you might experience symptoms such as:
    • Sensitivity
    • Pain
    • Jaw joint pain
    • Aching
    • Abscess 

Dentistry that fits comfortably is essential

  • Aesthetics – When we create dentistry for you, we do not just slap a filling in your tooth. We take the time to match the shade of your natural teeth, to polish it, and to make sure it matches your smile seamlessly. Chances are, by the time we finish it, you will not even be able to tell you have a filling. The same care and consideration go into all of our treatment, not just the cosmetic procedures because we believe that dentistry can look great, feel great, and enhance the quality of your life. 

Your Hazelwood MO Dentist 

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