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Have You Ever Considered These 3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

March 25, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
cosmetic dentist maryland heights

Over time it is natural for our smiles to lose a little bit of their luster. Your love of coffee in the morning and red wine in the evening may discolor your teeth and dull your smile. Or perhaps some wear and tear over the years has left small chips or fractures in some teeth.

While many people think that cosmetic dentistry is expensive and time consuming, there are actually a number of small cosmetic procedures that can restore your smile to its former glory. Your cosmetic dentist in Maryland Heights, MO shares some of the quick and cost effective ways we can enhance your smile.

Teeth Whitening

One of the quickest ways to make a major impact on your smile is to whiten your teeth, and this might be all your smile needs. In-office procedures are ideal for patients who have a hectic schedule and would like immediate results. You will leave our office with a smile that is 6 to 10 shades lighter than when you came.

Take-home trays offer patients who would like to whiten their teeth at home the freedom to brighten their smile at their leisure. We will make custom trays designed for your teeth and send you home with a high strength whitening gel. After whitening 30 minutes a day for one to two weeks, you'll not only enjoy your whiter, brighter smile but you'll also have your trays available to update your smile down the road. Learn more about our teeth whitening services on our link.

Dental Bonding

Did you know that the same tooth-colored material that restores cavities can also be used to repair small cosmetic issues? Composite resin can be custom shaded to match your smile and also repair issues such as small chips and fractures, the spacing between teeth, misshapen teeth, and size discrepancies. Bonding is non-invasive and typically less expensive than other cosmetic procedures.

Learn more about our tooth colored filling service by clicking the link!

Dental Crowns

Teeth that need bigger repairs may benefit from a dental crown. Designed to fit over your natural tooth, a crown is an excellent option for a tooth that has been decayed or fractured beyond what bonding or a filling can repair. Crowns provide excellent function and aesthetics for your smile.

If you're considering changes to the appearance of your smile, contact Dr. Kevin Burgdorf today to learn more about your options.

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