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Caring for Your Dentures

August 23, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS
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When you have a beautiful set of teeth, you want them to last and remain fully functional for as long as possible. Caring for dentures is essential for prolonging the life of your prostheses. Custom full and partial dentures made by Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS are strong and will remain so as long as they are cared for properly. 

Here is what patients near Bridgeton, MO need to do to ensure your dentures maintain their shape, strength, and appearance. 

#1 Brush Your Dentures Daily 

Like natural teeth, dentures should be brushed and cleaned every day to prevent plaque buildup and stains. Use a soft-bristled denture toothbrush to clean away bacteria, food particles, plaque, and denture adhesive. Regular toothpaste may be too abrasive for dentures, so using a denture cleanser is ideal.

#2 Keep Your Mouth Clean 

It’s important to clean your mouth to remove the remaining denture adhesive from the gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush on natural teeth and a soft cloth or toothbrush to clean your gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate. Cleaning your entire mouth makes it a healthier environment for your new smile. 

#3 Properly Store Your Dentures

Your dentures should always remain moist so that they maintain their shape and pliability. If your dentures dry out, they can lose their shape or crack. When you’re not wearing dentures, place them in a container of water or denture cleanser solution. Never put them in hot water as this can warp and damage them beyond repair, resulting in the need for a replacement denture. You may also soak your dentures in a denture cleanser solution to reduce bacteria and unpleasant odors. 

#4 Rinse Your Dentures Regularly

Rinsing your dentures before and after wearing them keeps them clean, odor-free, and less likely to stain from lingering food particles.

#5 Get Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you must visit your dentist in Bridgeton, MO for dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months. Your dentist will clean your teeth and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to your dentures. Even if you have full dentures, your dentist will monitor your bone levels and gum health, as well as providing a life-saving oral cancer screening.

Contact Dr. Kevin Burgdorf, DDS about Dentures in Bridgeton, MO 

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