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What is Bruxism?

August 18, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kevin Burgdorf
A man holds his jaw | Bruxism Treatment Bridgeton MO

Bruxism is excessive grinding of your teeth. If you wake up with headaches, neck aches, facial tension, or sensitive teeth, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Many people occasionally grind their teeth and usually it does not cause a problem, but if you grind your teeth on a nightly basis, you could be causing real, irreversible damage.

Who is at Risk?

Certain lifestyle behaviors can worsen your grinding habit. Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco all increase your chances of being a regular grinder. Other factors such as anxiety, depression, stress, a bad bite (malocclusion), medications, and personality type can all play a part. 

Bruxism is common in adults and children of all ages. If you suffer from conditions such as sleep apnea, you may be more susceptible to frequent bruxism.

What are the Complications?

Complications of bruxism can be quite damaging and can affect your quality of life negatively. Migraines, headaches, facial pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain commonly plague bruxers. Dental-related problems like broken, worn, or chipped teeth commonly accompany teeth grinding. Prolonged bruxism may lead to a shortened smile that requires significant restorative dentistry to repair.

When left untreated, you may develop TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder), a common condition affecting your jaw joints that may cause clicking, popping, and locking.

Bruxism Treatment in Bridgeton MO

Despite the seriousness of bruxism and the potential damage it can cause to your teeth, the treatment for bruxism is quite effective and not as complex as you might originally imagine. We treat most cases of teeth grinding with a custom nightguard. Depending on your anatomy, your needs, and the severity of your case, we offer several varieties.

Our nightguards all fit snugly and work to keep your teeth apart. They help to keep your jaw in a comfortable position and encourage your muscles to relax.

Do you suffer from bruxism or have any of the symptoms listed above? Call us and we can schedule an evaluation to address your concerns.

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