Tooth-Colored (Composite) Fillings in Hazelwood, MO

a man gets his teeth worked on | tooth colored fillings Hazelwood moFor many patients, the news that they have a cavity comes as a surprise. This realization is quickly followed by concern that everyone will know they have had a cavity thanks to the dark metal of the filling.

At our office, we don’t think that a cavity should give you a permanent discoloration on your tooth. Dr. Burgdorf uses a resin composite filling material that can be blended to perfectly match the natural shade of your tooth. Once the filling is placed, nobody (except us) will ever know that you’ve had a cavity – and that’s the way it should be!

The Composite Filling Advantage

In addition to looking great and blending in flawlessly with your teeth, composite fillings have even more advantages over the older metal fillings:

  • Composite fillings require less removal of natural tooth material, allowing for a more conservative restoration.
  • Composite fillings actually bind to the inside of your tooth, making it far less likely that they will become dislodged or fall out.
  • The resin used in composite fillings does not expand and contract in response to heat the way that the metal in amalgam fillings does. Over time, the minute movements of metal fillings can cause them to become loose or fall out.

While metal fillings were an effective way of stopping cavities for decades, composite resin fillings are a better solution. Our office is dedicated to always providing our patients with the highest quality materials and techniques available.

What Causes Cavities?

While sugar is often blamed for causing cavities, the real culprit is actually bacteria in your mouth. Sugar does play a role, however.

When you have high levels of sugar in your mouth, the bacteria thrive and produce an acid. The acid and bacteria mix with your saliva to form plaque, a sticky substance that coats your teeth. When the acid in the plaque is allowed to remain in contact with your teeth, it erodes the enamel. Eventually, small areas of your tooth collapse, creating holes. These holes are the cavities.

Brushing is important because it removes the film of plaque from your teeth. If you choose to consume foods or drinks that are high in sugar, rinse your mouth out with water afterward. Regular cleanings with our skilled dental hygienist Ashley helps to remove the last traces of plaque that brushing can’t reach to give you a fresh start every six months.

Routine examinations help us to catch cavities when they are small and easily treated. Without prompt treatment, cavities continue to grow and can cause severe damage to your tooth that will require more extensive treatment, which we’d like to avoid if possible!

Most of the time, cavities do not have any noticeable symptoms until they have become fairly extensive and are irritating the nerve of your tooth. Keeping up with your examinations and cleanings will prevent cavities from developing this far.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or if it’s time for a routine cleaning and examination, give our office a call today!